Unmanned Life invited by Deutsche Telekom to showcase the power of its software platform at Digital X 2019 in Cologne

It has been a couple of months since we last worked with Deutsche Telekom (DT) in the much-anticipated 5G network launch during the “European 5G Ecosystem” in Hubraum’s offices in Berlin. It was all part of the Hubraum 5G Low Latency Prototyping Program. We return to strengthen our partnership with DT at Digital X 2019, in which Cologne will become the hotspot for innovation and transformation with a 160 top-class national and international speakers who will present different facets of digital transformation.

Deutsche Telekom is reinforcing our partnership by coming together at DigitalX. We are demonstrating a scaled-down version of our drone-enabled inventory management solution, which shows the uniqueness of our technology and the power of DT’s network in how together we’re impacting today’s industry 4.0.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading Telco providers to date, with multiple entities and operations around the world. With over 75B revenue in 2018, DT has driven a 5G initiative over a couple of months with a broad spectrum of partners to offer its customers the 5G network in Germany by 2020—The 5G network will be available in Germany’s 20 largest cities.

Due to DT’s rapid growth in the 5G space, it was looking for a company that could fully integrate into their 5G network, and that’s where we came in. During the Hubraum 5G Low Latency Prototyping Program, we were able to successfully prove that urLLC and eMBB requirements could be fulfilled by integration into DT’s 5G network.

As DT continues to position itself as the eminent 5G provider in EU, it is looking to partner with leading-edge, deep tech technology/solution providers that will collaborate with it and its partners to enable and commercialize industry 4.0 use cases. It’s a perfect role for Unmanned Life to provide the AI, 5G/EDGE, a multi-hybrid cloud-enabled software platform for the fully autonomous control, management and secure orchestration of swarms of robotic devices to fulfil mission-critical tasks. At the Hubraum 5G launch and prototyping programme Unmanned Life proved it’s software platform over 5G was able to benefit Deutsche Telekom’s campus networks proposition which helped in reducing operating costs and enabled on-demand warehousing.

We are happy to continue to strengthen our partnership with DT because we believe the future is all about 5G enabled autonomy and we’re spearheading it. 

Our DigitalX demonstration will be running on October 29th and 30th in Koelnmesse, Germany. Follow us on social media to watch this exclusive live demo.