A BBC news piece highlights Unmanned Life at the forefront of 5G technology

The BBC News did a special cover piece titled, “The future in 5G-Why the UK is a heavyweight in this arena,” in which it highlighted Unmanned Life at the forefront of 5G technology helping the UK lead-in innovation globally. Our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee provided thought leadership focusing on the future of 5G and shared his vision of UK’s cutting-edge tech companies. The article was released just after CEBIT AUSTRALIA concluded, as Unmanned Life was selected by the UK government to be part of the delegation representing the best of British technology in Sydney. Below is a transcript of Kuamardev’s interview.

Kumardev Chatterjee’s Interview:

Kumardev Chatterjee is the founder of the ‘Autonomy as Service’ – think software that can manage a fleet of drones without any humans needing to be involved – company Unmanned Life. He’s also one of the UK tech sector’s most influential people and headed to Australia alongside Peel and a delegation of British start-ups involved in everything from 3D holographic advertisements to smart-parking tech to human-friendly AI for CEBIT Australia 2019.

Chatterjee says he’s looking forward to getting better acquainted at what he predicts will become a major market. “All countries will need to embrace 5G-enabled tech but there’s a particularly strong case for Australia to be proactive,” Chatterjee says. “Like the UK, Australia has a highly educated and high-cost workforce. That means it needs to focus on innovation and creativity to remain competitive. Also, given its location, Australia is especially at risk of threats to its industries emerging from fast-growing Asian economies that recognise the role 5G can play in accelerating economic growth and market domination.”

Chatterjee recognises that few Australians realise the UK is, as he puts it, “a hotbed of innovation that’s at the forefront of the revolution in connectivity”. But he’s optimistic that many Australians will soon develop a newfound appreciation for British ingenuity.

“This is new, rapidly evolving field,” he says. “It’s not surprising that few people in any country understand what the 5G capabilities of British – or American, Chinese, German, Japanese and South Korean – companies are.”

“It’s up to people like me to educate those who are interested. I’m eager to explain to Australian technology buyers how Unmanned Life can help their organisations deploy fleets of fully autonomous drones and rovers for activities such as mine inspections, livestock management and emergency response efforts.”

As the roll-out of 5G accelerates, tech solutions that once seemed distant and speculative are now ready for implementation – and will see advancements in efficiency, security and productivity unlocked.

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