Unmanned Life 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service platform enabler of Smart Cities

Informatech, leading international events, intelligence and scholarly research group,  has invited Unmanned Life, to take part in an exclusive 5G conference on November 27 called, “Private Networks in a 5G World to present its expertise on the 5G powered Smart Cities. It takes place in London, which has the ambitious goal to be the smartest city in the world by 2020. The conference focuses on the excitement about the disruptive capabilities of 5G, spectrum democratization, and new network economics rising interest in building private infrastructure. Our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee will give a speech titled, “5G Autonomy-as-a-Service: Standardised 5G Architecture for the hyperconnected Autonomous Economy.” We’ll have the opportunity to share how our innovation is enabling smart cities due to our unique Autonomy-as-Service platform that can deploy a Software-Driven Autonomous Integrated Robot Team over 5G networks.


Smart cities are growing at an exponential growth. According to Statista, smart city spending in 2020 will be 34.35 billion US dollars, and smart energy’s share of the global smart city market will be 15.8%. Our 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service Platform runs on connectivity, consequently, the hypoconnectivity of a smart city will enable us to deploy on a larger scale. Unmanned Life’s unique technology enables multiples swarms of robots to be implemented on the city’s use cases like emergency operations, surveillance/security, and public safety. “We’re seeing how cities can go beyond the current smart solutions landscape to become “hyperconnected” and utilise “autonomous integrated services” to generate significant economic, social and environmental benefits from public safety to digital industry to connected citizenry, and that’s where our 5G Autonomy-as-a-service platform comes in to enable cities to deliver those clear benefits at a larger scale,” says Unmanned Life CEO Kumardev Chatterjee.

We’ve already had success in deploying our autonomous swarm of robots to improve emergency operations. We teamed up with Verizon and Nokia to deploy the world’s first fully autonomous multi-drone swarm to assist rescue teams. Each drone in the drone swarm performed autonomously a different task from providing reconnaissance through a live video feed to filming in real-time the unfolding actions at the rescue site to dropping emergency supplies. Our 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service platform has also powered the deployment of fleets of drones for autonomous surveillance and security in partnership with Verizon.

We are expanding in Asia where smart city capabilities are growing with Singapore topping the list of cities that will spend the most money on smart city projects. It will invest more than US$1 billion on smart city planning, according to recent research by IDC. We already have a strong presence in Singapore, with many projects planned for 2020.

We look forward to the future as we will continue to improve our capabilities to enable smart cities with our 5G standardized software platform, multiple robots (swarm), and  AI-driven capabilities that allow drones to fly without pilots.