Unmanned Life and Telefonica join forces to build the Smart Factory of the future for SEAT with its Autonomy-as-a Service over 5G

Unmanned Life will be the 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service partner of Telefonica to build the autonomy bloc of a smart factory of the future for SEAT in Barcelona in 2020. It has developed the first software platform for managing air and land vehicles and other robotic systems totally autonomously, without human intervention and with a unique management system. It may be applied in Industry 4.0, in sectors such as the supply chain, telecommunications, public security, and transport.

The pilot project will be done to determine how Unmanned Life, with a single software, manages to connect and to coordinate different assets involved in the automated supply process for automotive parts: mobile robots, self-driving vehicles, and even drones. Telefónica will offer the best connectivity on the market–5G– to coordinate them with precision in real-time. The pilot which will be deployed at the SEAT factory in Barcelona will simultaneously combine this technology with 4G so that robots can switch from one to the other and the coexistence of the two networks on the market will be tested. “We have joined forces among 5 large corporations to find within the entrepreneurial tech ecosystem solutions that can enable the development of new joint business models. Unmanned Life is the best example of this cooperation as it can support the creation of new logistics efficiencies within SEAT and generate new revenue streams for Telefonica by creating new use cases for connectivity usage. This project is another proof of Telefonica´s involvement in the development of technology startups which are a cornerstone of our innovation and new commercial offerings.” says Telefonica’s Innovation Team.

Unmanned Life does have the capabilities to make the operations autonomous due to its Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform making the deployment of autonomous solutions an added value to large enterprise customers. “We are thrilled to continue Unmanned Life’s expansion and start our first project in Spain with two global leaders like Telefónica and SEAT. It shows the potential of this market and the position of Barcelona as a tech hub. With our strategic alliance with the Telecom carriers, Unmanned Life can reach new customers and new sectors. We are very proud to formally start our cooperation with Telefonica with this perspective in mind,” says Nicholas Zylberglajt, co-founder and COO of Unmanned Life.

Unmanned Life expands its cooperation with the leading Telecommunications players in Europe, such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Nokia, and Ericsson, covering almost all of the European territory and markets, setting a firm foot for its expansion in Asia and the USA. Telefonica operates in 14 countries and is present in 24 with almost 50 billion euro in revenues as of October 2019. “Unmanned Life is very pleased to deploy the world’s first #5G Autonomy-as-a-Service for Smart Factories in collaboration with the world’s pre-eminent Telco and Automotive players right here in the heart of Europe’s Industry 4.0 market. This is an important milestone in the history of the Teleco and Automotive Industry and Unmanned Life’s innovation trajectory. We are very proud to be the enablers of the rapidly incoming #5G Autonomous Economy,” says CEO of Unmanned Life Kumardev Chatterjee.

With this collaboration, Unmanned Life makes one more step in transforming its vision of becoming the default 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service platform for Telecom operators deploying 5G Autonomous Integrated Robot Teams for Industry 4.0 a reality. Stay posted, more exciting news to come!