Unmanned Life takes the stage at SWITCH

Our CEO was selected among many others to take part in an exclusive event titled “CrowdPitch” at SWITCH because of Unmanned Life’s innovativeness and its impact on market needs across industry 4.0. We presented our technologies for commercialisation or collaboration opportunities. It was a great opportunity to showcase how our unique 5G Autonomy‐as‐a Service company is able to help many use cases like autonomous infrastructure management in cities.

Unmanned Life understands how important it is to work with Singapore’s government and with its private sector due to the tremendous growth it has had in tech startups and companies, and that in a couple of years 50 per cent of the city will have a 5G network. We have been to Singapore several times this year due to this growth. We participated in the ASEAN Freight and Logistics Innovator Award organised by Accenture due to having the highest potential of transforming the supply chain and logistics space with our novel/disruptive technology. And later took part in “APAC 5G World Series Conference,” in which our CEO gave a speech on” How is 5G relevant for connected smart cities and autonomous economy,” in which he highlighted the importance of using 5G to power the autonomous multi-robot fleets and to work efficiently in having good connections in smart cities.

Our platform will be a game-changer in the Singapore tech ecosystem, making it easier for the city to deal with emergency response, traffic, and infrastructure management due to our robots working together over 5G.  Thanks to 5G it will employ the low-latency to enable the robots to have a swift communication with a cloud-based AI “brain” as one possible application. In having this fast real-time communication between the cloud and the robots it will open endless opportunities to expand the work between robots and humans.