CEO Kumardev Chatterjee’s Leadership in AI has led to another prestigious International Press recognition

We are very pleased that Unmanned Life Co-founder and CEO Kumardev Chatterjee has been recognised as one of the 10 Most Innovative Global AI Executives by Analytics Insight Magazine.

You can read the magazine article here online:

Here is a direct link to the article on their website:

This prestigious recognition is another feather in his cap of a long track record of Leadership on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Kumardev has been inducted in 2019 into the prestigious Progress 1000 List as the 3rd most influential person in Technology: Engineering in London :

He is the co-author of ‘Digital Minds for a New Europe’ alongside Vint Cerf, Eric Schmidt, Klaus Schwab, Werner Vogels  and other world-leading thinkers and experts :

New York Times published Kumardev as a thought leader on entrepreneurship :

The European Commission has appointed him as expert and advisor on various tech, innovation and entrepreneurship topics and he was and was awarded as a Young Innovation Luminary by INTEL and the European Union.

Kumardev is a World Economic Forum Expert on Entrepreneurship since 2013. For this years’ edition – 21-24 January in Davos, during the World Economic Forum 2020 Golden 50th anniversary, Kumardev was invited by  N. Chandrasekharan , Chairman of the USD 100 Billion Tata Group, as one of the 250 Global Leaders including Satya Nadella, to the launch of his seminal tome, “Bridge Digital Nation” at the TCS Dome in Davos; held inspiring and productive meetings were with Jyrki Katainen, ex-European Union Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness from 2014 until 2019,  at the UN SDG event, where he discussed the role of 5G, AI and Autonomy for jobs and SDG goals in the autonomous economy; Mark Thompson, ex-Director General of the BBC and current Chief Executive Officer of The New York Times ; Honourable Kamal NathChief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, senior leader of the Indian National Congress, where he has served as India’s Minister of Urban Development and one of the longest serving and most senior members of the Indian Parliament; and with Astro TellerGoogle X’s Captain of Moonshots, where the discussion was about how Unmanned Life could collaborate with Google X.

In the year that technology is poised to disrupt every area of our lives, the new Davos manifesto was launched –  a set of ethical principles for companies in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It was a honour for Kumardev to take part in world class intellectual exchanges on the opportunities and ethical dilemmas presented by the new era of intelligent robotics, high-speed connectivity and advanced autonomy, in which context, Unmanned Life’s work is now more relevant than ever. He spoke on 5G and Autonomy-as-a-Service –  both pivotal to the emerging autonomous, hyperconnected, economy.

Kumardev is a British Chevening Science Scholar and computer scientist from University College London where he studied for his MSc. as a guest of Her Majesty the Queen.

Kumardev had the honour at this early age of 40 to be invited by his alma mater University College London to deliver the commencement speech to the 2019 engineering graduates.

Kumardev is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the European Young Innovators Forum, the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe, whose work has been recognized by President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel, amongst other leaders, and by institutions like the World Economic Forum.

Kumardev started as an entrepreneur at 14, building a social business, the proceeds of which were donated to Mother Teresa. He built his first tech company at 19 and has over 20 years of experience spanning vision and strategy, executive leadership and deep tech at and for Fortune 500 enterprises and major organizations across the world including British Rail (ATOC, Network Rail), THALES, GE, Adobe, Mercer, AirTel, European Commission, Eurocontrol and NATO, where he led large strategic initiatives and cross-functional, multinational, teams across Europe, USA, Asia and architected, built and deployed large-scale distributed systems for multiple industries.

Kumardev has been invited to speak and present at leading institutions and high-level forums across the world including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, US State Department, London School of Business, Standford University, European Parliament, European Commission, Office of Chancellor Angela Merkel, State of Europe high-level roundtable, Kauffman Foundation’s Global Innovation Summit, IEEE and major conferences like NOAH, Web Summit, CeBIT, Mobile World Congress.