T-Mobile Flagship Accelerator

T-Mobile Sprint develops joint 5G Autonomous Use-cases with Unmanned Life’s Technology

Unmanned Life hand-picked as one of the top 6 Global most innovative companies to join the T-Mobile flagship Accelerator program in the US to develop products driven by AI, Drones and Robots over 5G


T-Mobile Sprint, America’s supercharged Un-carrier, has selected Unmanned Life to be part of its 5G Accelerator program to develop disruptive 5G-enabled products and solutions in the enterprise sector in the US. Along with the full feature on Forbes, this selection confirms the momentum and visibility Unmanned Life technology is currently having in the US.

Read here the official T-Mobile Sprint Press Release

During the 90 days programme, Unmanned Life will meet with different T-Mobile executives and mentors to develop and commercialize new disruptive use cases with Unmanned Life’s 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service platform for its enterprise customers, for instance autonomous emergency response, public safety and autonomous logistics use cases powered by T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network. This comes at an especially important time, as we announce the launch of our Autonomous Solutions for Pandemic Management in response to COVID-19. The pandemic has expedited the need for autonomous robotic and drone solutions for public surveillance, autonomous drone disinfection and drone deliveries of emergency medical supplies, and 5G will play a pivotal role in the deployment of mission-critical use cases.

“We are committed to using our broad and deep nationwide 5G network to accelerate innovation and support the development of new transformative applications. Mentoring, collaborating with, and providing resources to these six promising companies is an important part of that misión. With a 5G network that reaches across the country with both coverage and speed, developers now have the opportunity to radically transform the way people experience the world around them and the way businesses operate, no matter where they are.” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile.

T-Mobile reaction to Unmanned Life ground-breaking technology

With the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, announced in 2018 and completed early this year, the market for 5G-enabled solutions will receive a huge boost. By joining their assets, the two companies will provide 5G coverage to the entire US territory (97% of the US territory within 3 years), so you can imagine the opportunities for Unmanned Life in this context.

“This is a strong validation of our unique, ground-breaking 5G, AI and Autonomy technology. Anchoring with T-Mobile and Sprint’s leadership in the US of more than 97% market share, makes this programme a major milestone for Unmanned Life’s market penetration strategy in the US and also perfect synergy for our global ambitions of delivering 5G enabled Autonomy” said Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of Unmanned Life

The two companies announced they will invest roughly $40 billion in 5G over three years. New T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray puts is very clearly “As we move forward and drive this major investment in a combined network, every dollar we spend here will be a 5G dollar.” As a major partner in enabling new 5G revenue streams for both T-Mobile and Sprint, Unmanned Life has very strong prospects for solid expansion in the US Telco market.

The immersive program runs through July 30 and will culminate in Demo Day where Unmanned Life will showcase what has been accomplished. Although Covid-19 is disrupting global markets, this selection confirms the unique positioning Unmanned Life is offering in the technology space and the momentum our company continues building in the Telecom sector. This is a major win for Unmanned Life which not only expands our footprint across the entire US Telco market but also reinforces our close cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Group with the second project currently in execution globally.