Together to Defeat the Virus

Unmanned Life launches the Autonomous Pandemic Management Platform (ASPMP)

Across the world, drones and robots have been deployed to support the fight against COVID-19. From early-adopter China and South Korea, to countries like Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Chile, India and the UAE, the COVID-19 crisis has revealed the importance of drones, robotics and AI to ensure the recovery will be sustainable and that an efficient fight against the pandemic is available within a very short term and at a low risk for human workers. However existing drone solutions are currently manually operated and lack scalability, flexibility and traceability. This is where Unmanned Life’s Autonomous Pandemic Management Platform (ASPMP) will play a crucial and essential role by enabling fully autonomous multiple drone swarms to be deployed city-wide on-demand for various COVID19 scenarios, in a precise, reliable, well managed and safe manner.

A central intelligent brain that will deploy, manage, and control autonomously drones is key to ensure a robotic solution that works at scale. Our technology has been validated by the European Commission and the European Innovation Council, supported by more than  more than 600 global partners, including Google, Amazon, EY, IBM, KPMG, Samsung, Siemens, Telefonica, and Vodafone, as well as leading public authorities across Europe, and selected as one of the winners of the EUvsVirus hackathon from more than 2000 projects submitted by over 20, 000 participants from 141 countries as a response to the COVID19 crisis.

So what can we exactly deliver with our technology and what are the benefits? From maintaining social distancing, spraying disinfectants or conducting headcount analysis with body temperature scanning, Autonomous Pandemic Management Platform (ASPMP) represents a concrete answer to the crisis:

Controlled and managed remotely from a single management dashboard and using existing public telecom infrastructure, each drone in a swarm can be tasked with a different and complex mission, control and can carry a range of payloads.  All drones provide real-time visual and sensor data to enable remote management and AI-augmented insights. The autonomous swarms can be deployed and controlled locally at the site of operations or from mobile deployment centers (vans). They can also be managed remotely from a single management dashboard at a crisis response center off-site.

These capabilities, unique in the market, power the deployment of several use cases that can alleviate immediately pressure on public authorities and human workers, while ensuring the highest standards of safety, speed, and robustness.

You can read below the summary of our solutions more in detail or download our brochure here.

  1. Autonomous Drones Swarms for Disinfection: mixed swarm of autonomous drones and ground robots used to disinfect indoor and outdoor public health and community infrastructure
  2. Autonomous Drone Solutions for Public Safety and Crowd Monitoring: swarm of autonomous drones equipped with functionalities like loudspeakers, live video streaming, thermal imaging, and AI-assisted tracking and tracing of objects and people
  3. Autonomous Delivery of medical supplies and Essential Items: swarm of drones used to deliver essential items such as test samples, testing agents, other medical supplies like blood and essential medicines as well as groceries
  4. Autonomous indoor logistics: swarm of autonomous robots used to deliver medicines and food to patients within a hospital as well as nursing homes


Unmanned Life, thanks to its unique positioning in the market and cutting-edge capabilities of it’s Autonomy-as-a-Service platform is able to power an autonomous pandemic management response for COVID19. Fully autonomous, on-demand, leveraging the latest AI developments, flexible and scalable, we are convinced that autonomy and drones represent a concrete answer to the pandemic.

Together, we can defeat the virus.

Download our Brochure here