Unmanned Life at the Forefront of Technology against COVID-19

The UK government has selected Unmanned Life to deploy the world’s First Fully Autonomous Drone Swarm for COVID-19 Disinfection to fight against the pandemic


  • Unmanned Life’s groundbreaking technology is very impactful for a key measure to limiting the spread of the pandemic worldwide And opening up economies faster, i.e. disinfecting public spaces, cost, and time efficiently, on a regular basis every day, Autonomously.
  • This type of a fully Autonomous drone-based disinfection solution could be planned so quickly Only because of the mix of cutting-edge Autonomous Technology Capabilities that the Unmanned Life platform already offers
  • The speed, agility  and disruptiveness of Unmanned Life to create entirely new Autonomous solutions fast, has been proven during this COVID-19 period, showcasing the unique expertise of our team and the world-beating disruptive value-add of our Technology, resulting in new recognitions and contracts under negotiation

Unmanned Life is pleased to announce that it has been selected and funded by the UK government through Innovate UK to deploy the World’s First Fully Autonomous Drone Swarm Solution for COVID-19 Disinfection, both outdoors and indoors, as one of the leading companies with pioneering disruptive technology in the fight against the pandemic.

This selection builds on the positive traction generated by the Forbes Editor’s pick full feature on our Autonomous Pandemic Management Platform Technology that showcased globally to an audience exceeding 100,000 unique people, its relevance and importance in these pandemic times and for the post COVID-19 economy, as well as the selection by the European Union as one of the innovative companies building solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with the NHS, Unmanned life will deploy this ground-breaking solution over the next months to help contain the pandemic and restrict the coming second-wave. More than 1600 companies applied to showcase their innovation and we are very proud to be the global pioneers who have delivered this major win for the UK, for the NHS and health care professionals, for society at large, for the fight against the pandemic and for our shareholders and partners.

“Big things start small and insecurely. Brilliant Ideas start in the doubtful mind and in the dark. Great companies are those who are bold and innovative enough to turn adversity into opportunity by transforming Brilliant Ideas into Big Things. Unmanned Life will now be the World’s First Company to build and deploy a fully Autonomous Drone Disinfection solution for the fight against COVID-19. This project is the start of something that will transform our societies and accelerate our company into the next zone and we are proud to launch it from the UK with the full support of the Government”

Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life´s solution will assist governments and the healthcare sector as a whole by developing its autonomous drone disinfection solution. UML will deploy an autonomous disinfection swarm of drones controlled by its highly interoperable Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform able to disinfect large spaces precisely and in a short time.  Autonomous drones equipped with spraying systems remotely controlled from a control centre work as unified outdoor and indoor swarms, disinfecting hospital buildings, benches, carparks and public community spaces while smaller indoor drones installed with portable UVC lights disinfect indoor surfaces of hospitals on-demand. This pilot will be conducted in collaboration with the NHS.

The reason why the UK Government chose us speaks to our solid track-record as a company that has delivered globally cutting-edge AI, 5G and Autonomy deep tech and pioneering autonomous robotics solutions based on this deep tech.