Unmanned Life Designates a New CEO

LONDON- Unmanned Systems Ltd (Unmanned Life) today announced that Kumardev Chatterjee, Co-Founder and CEO, will transition to a new role at the Board of Directors. This transition is effective from 1st of January 2021.

Nicholas Zylberglajt, Co-Founder and COO will take the role of CEO to lead the Company in this new chapter.

“I want to thank Kumardev for everything that he has given to this company: vision, tenacity and expertise. Everyone at Unmanned Life will count on his advice while we build the next growth chapter” said Nicholas Zylberglajt.

“I want to thank the Board and all shareholders who believed in our company since day one and our team without whom it would have been impossible to execute and take Unmanned Life to the next level. I can only say thank you to you all. Now it´s time for me to move to a different role to continue supporting the Company.” said Kumardev Chatterjee.

The company has also designated Michael Sandifer as Chairperson of the Board. Michael Sandifer, an US veteran investor with more than 45 years of investment experience in Technology and having invested in companies like Palantir, Mobileye and other AI companies.

“I want to thank Kumardev for having introduced me to Unmanned Life, company for which I was the founding investor.The vision phase of the Unmanned Life journey now needs to continue on to the next chapter of robust year-on-year revenue growth. Nicholas´ talent set is very well suited for the Company’s needs going forward.” said Michael Sandifer, Chairperson of the Board.

About Unmanned Life: Unmanned Life is a multi-award winning British Company founded in 2015 in London. Unmanned Life is the leading Company offering seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics. The platform acts like one central intelligent brain to enable industry 4.0 and Smart Cities use cases across industrial sectors mentioned above. Unmanned Life can cost effectively deploy and manage fleets of autonomous drones and robots, indoors and outdoors for telecommunications, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, transport and first emergency response sectors. The Company enables Telecom operators to offer new and compelling autonomous robotics services to their large enterprise customer bases. This has made Unmanned Life a strong brand in the emerging 5G and Autonomy technology scene. The Company is changing the way autonomous robotics is used by industry by developing the first Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and 5G and has engaged with leading global Fortune 500 Companies such as Verizon, BT, Telefonica, Volskwagen Group, Etisalat and Walmart.