Kumardev Chatterjee

Founder & CEO

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Kumardev Chatterjee, Co-Founder, and CEO of Unmanned Life is a highly regarded serial tech innovator and entrepreneur, British Chevening Science Scholar and computer scientist from University College London where he studied for his MSc. as a guest of Her Majesty the Queen.

He is a World Economic Forum expert on Entrepreneurship since 2013 and was awarded as a Young Innovation Luminary by INTEL and the European Union. The European Commission appointed him as expert and advisor on various Tech and Innovation subjects.

Kumardev has been inducted in 2019 into the prestigious Progress 1000 List as the 3rd most influential person in Technology: Engineering in London. Kumardev has been selected in 2020 as one of the 10 most innovative global AI executives by Analytics Insight magazine

He is the co-author of Digital Minds for a New Europe alongside Vint Cerf, Eric Schmidt, Klaus Schwab, Werner Vogels and other world-leading thinkers and experts

New York Times published Kumardev as a thought leader on entrepreneurship.
Kumardev is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the European Young Innovators Forum, the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe, whose work has been recognized by President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor Angela Merkel, amongst other leaders and by institutions like the World Economic Forum.

Kumardev started as an entrepreneur at 14, building a social business, the proceeds of which were donated to Mother Teresa. He built his first tech company at 19 and has over 20 years of experience spanning vision and strategy, executive leadership and deep tech at and for Fortune 500 enterprises and major organizations across the world including British Rail (ATOC, Network Rail), THALES, GE, Adobe, Mercer, AirTel, European Commission, Eurocontrol and NATO, where he led large strategic initiatives and cross-functional, multinational, teams across Europe, USA, Asia and architected, built and deployed large-scale distributed systems for multiple industries.

Kumardev has been invited to speak and present at leading institutions and high-level forums across the world including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, US State Department, London School of Business, Standford University, European Parliament, European Commission, Office of Chancellor Angela Merkel, State of Europe high-level roundtable, Kauffman Foundation’s Global Innovation Summit, IEEE and major conferences like NOAH, Web Summit, CeBIT, Mobile World Congress.

Kumardev had the honour at this early age of 40 to be invited by his alma mater University College London to deliver the commencement speech to the 2019 engineering graduates.


Unmanned Life Team

Unmanned Life has a team of 15+ FTE of over 9 nationalities, educated at the world’s top schools in their respective disciplines and together have acquired more than 100 years of combined deep tech, management and business experience in some of the world’s leading companies. Our diverse team unites on a mission to ensure that Unmanned Life becomes synonymous to ‘autonomous’ in the next 5 years.

Unmanned Life Management Team

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Computer Scientist with Masters from University College London as a recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Science Scholarship…


Kumardev Chatterjee

Founder & CEO

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Masters from London School of Economics, 12 years of experience in business policy and regulation including negotiating strategic partnerships…


Nicholas Zylberglajt

Founder & COO

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10 years of experience working with drones, navigation, software, automation and integration, designed and engineered world’s first unmanned…


Kim Clement


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+6 years of experience working in technology management and consulting, innovation strategy, and operations, worked at the Central European…


Michaela Jamelska

Director of Global Business Operations

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14 years of experience across Management Consulting (Public and Private) and
Financial Services (last 5 years)…


Wasif Mehdi

Director of Global Strategic Customer Relationship

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Jorge has a strong background in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations having worked in different European countries…


Jorge Muñoz

Director for Marketing and Communication