Unmanned Life Blogpost

Our demonstration of the potential of 5G, AI and Drones with Telefonica

Last week was a very important week for Unmanned Life as our team demonstrated the potential of 5G, AI and Drones with Telefonica in Madrid. In spite of a very challenging context due to Covid-19, Unmanned Life performed different demos of its technology to more than 600 attendees who were joining mostly online with key stakeholders on site. This is one step more in consolidating Unmanned Life´s leader position in creating real opportunities and use cases to monetize 5G. It is also another important milestone achieved in our cooperation and partnership with one of the leading global Telcos such as Telefonica.

On Wednesday 27th morning, our CEO was invited to deliver a keynote by Telefonica in a conference that discussed drones as the future of security and safety along with other leaders in the Spanish security space and governmental authorities. The message was clear: if drones are the future of security then the future of drones passes by being autonomous. And this is what Unmanned Life brings to the table. A platform that is able to provide interoperability, flexibility and modularity, and therefore scalability. By joining forces with Telefonica, the two companies are able to provide a pioneering product called “Telefonica Unmmaned Security Systems” (TUSS). We are at the infancy of this product but it is clear that it comes to provide a game-changer in the security space.

The keynote was followed by a live demo that showcased an emergency response scenario, key video analytics and AI-driven decision trees that demonstrated, indoors, the capacity of Unmanned Life´s platform to deliver a precise, robust and reliable autonomous drones solution. Our CTO, Kim Clement, delivered a very detailed technical explanation on how our platform could scale from two drones to a fully-fledged solution deployed in multiple sites and providing real added-value to citizens and society.


On Wednesday 27th afternoon, Unmanned Life delivered the first part of a GSMA sponsored multi-operator project. Indeed, the cooperation between Unmanned Life, Telefonica and BT, showcased the capacity for a solution provider (in this case Unmanned Life) to deliver the same solution in two different countries and hosted in the same Cloud-Edge environment. It may seem technical, but been able to demonstrate that this is possible confirms the scalability of 5G and Edge, and the capacity to offer solutions and services globally. It also confirms the attractivity of Unmanned Life technology to transform the value of the Edge into tangible commercial results via the offering of new solutions that before could not have been delivered.


To conclude, our cooperation with Telco companies is progressing very fast and the alliance between Telco´s deep knowledge of connectivity and cyber-security with Unmanned Life´s cutting-edge autonomous robotics technology, is braced for a very promising future. This is the result of hard work and trust relation that built over the years which is now arriving to maturity to, jointly, deliver the autonomous future.