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The story of Unmanned Life

Our company was incorporated in 2015 in London. We have since then expanded our activities to Brussels, Paris, San Francisco and Mumbai. With our Autonomy as a Service (AtaS) platform, Unmanned Life’s vision is to drive this disruptive change, and our go-to-market strategy is to work hand-in-hand with the major industrial behemoths in these large multi-billion dollar industrial sectors to enable the 4th industrial revolution.

Leadership Team

Strong Leadership supported by a strong team of 5 FTE, working across Technology, Business and Operations (10 FTE total)

Kumardev Chatterjee
Kumardev ChatterjeeCEO
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Nicholas Zylberglajt
Nicholas ZylberglajtCOO
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Kim Clement
Kim ClementTechnology Director
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Michaela Jamelska
Michaela JamelskaDirector of Operations
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