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Our Strategic Areas of Focus

We are delivering the next generation of robotics for Security, Sustainability and Supply chain. These triple ‘S’ are the foundations of our strategy. Our software platform will enable the end-to-end supply chain operations alignment to become more fluid. It will facilitate human-robot collaboration and provide effective ways for managing security and surveillance by leveraging AI for early threat detection and prompt actions. And all of this whilst being kind to the environment due to the small carbon footprint by autonomous robotics.



Security concerns are a major challenge faced by organizations across various industries. Our platform enables organizations to deploy unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to monitor and secure their facilities, providing real-time data and insights to inform proactive decision-making. The platform also allows organizations to automate security-related tasks such as surveillance, patrol, and incident response, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their security operations.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Our software platform offers significant benefits for Supply Chain Management by addressing the challenges of data management, efficient movement of goods, and workflow disruptions. The platform utilizes autonomous robotics to improve the speed and accuracy of routine operations, increasing overall efficiency and reducing the risk of injury in hazardous environments. By leveraging the capabilities of our platform, organizations can optimize their supply chain operations and drive innovation in this critical field.



Unmanned Life’s platform offers a unique solution for organizations looking to address sustainability challenges by utilizing the power of autonomous robotics. The platform can assist in monitoring and measuring environmental conditions, collecting data and improving energy efficiency. Additionally, it can be used to assess the progress of reforestation projects, mapping and surveying large areas of land, and detecting and measuring emissions from industrial sources.


Physical security demands significant human resources, and static surveillance requires high capital expenditure whilst being predictable and ineffective in larger operations. With our software platform you can use autonomous robotics for flexible and efficient security monitoring, on ad-hoc basis, timed missions, or in response to on-site sensors.


Robotic fleets can perform ultra-efficient autonomous surveillance rounds for superior contextual awareness and optimised issue response

Emergency Response

Drone fleets can provide an end-to-end autonomous response, from searching affected areas to dropping emergency payloads.

Asset Inspection

The combined use of robotic fleets, relevant payloads, and third-party platforms can offer fast and accurate inspections of critical infrastructure.


Unlike manned aircrafts, autonomous drones’ function without the requirements of humans to board and safety-critical systems. By nature of their design, they are energy-efficient with a small environmental footprint which makes autonomous drones a great tool in the drive for sustainability.

Fire Mitigation

Fleets of drones equipped with thermal cameras can be used to monitor areas for fire breakouts, or as a direct response to a detected fire for situational awareness.


Autonomous drones can efficiently perform end-to-end reforestation, from mapping to planting, and then monitoring the health of growing crops.

Emissions Detection

Specific payloads can be enabled on drones and robotics to measure and monitor emissions at their source.

Supply Chain

Data management, security risks, quality control and defect and ineffective operations are some of the challenges faced by Supply chain management. Our software platform enables autonomous robotics to better supply-chain innovation by improving the speed and accuracy of routine operations, increasing the efficiency of workload and greatly reducing the risk of injury in hazardous environments.

Smart Logistics

Orchestration of heterogeneous drones and robots increases the efficiency of industrial processes through efficient task allocation.

Last mile-delivery

Drones and ground robots can be used to autonomously deliver parts to the final stage of the supply chain.

Smart manufacturing

Robots can autonomously deliver parts to their respective destinations in warehousing and factory settings without the need for human intervention.

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With our successful deployments with partners around the globe, we have built a good name and recognition in the robotics eco-system. Follow our success stories below:


Recognised worldwide for our successful deployments we have partnered with some of the largest telcos in the world like TELUS, BT and Telefonica. Our multi award winning technology is trusted by our partners and is also showcased to their clients and customers on demand.

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