The platform developed by Unmanned Life integrates various technologies to empower an extensive spectrum of robotics use cases

Our Strategic Areas of Focus

We’re introducing advanced robotics designed to enhance Security, Sustainability, and Supply Chain operations. These three pillars, the “triple S,” form the core of our approach. Our software platform aims to streamline the entire supply chain process, fostering smoother coordination. It encourages seamless teamwork between humans and robots, and harnesses AI for early threat detection and swift response in security and surveillance. Importantly, our autonomous robotics solution maintains an eco-friendly footprint, prioritizing environmental kindness.



Many organisations in different fields are piled with security issues, which can be quite a hurdle. Our platform steps in to help these organisations use unmanned aerial and ground vehicles for facility monitoring and security. It offers up-to-the-minute information and valuable insights, supporting smart and forward-thinking choices. Additionally, the platform lets organisations automate security tasks like watching over areas, patrolling, and reacting to incidents. This really boosts how well and how efficiently security operations are carried out.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Our software platform offers significant benefits for Supply Chain Management by addressing the challenges of inventory management, efficient last mile delivery, and workflow disruptions. The platform utilises autonomous robotics to improve the speed and accuracy of routine operations, increasing overall efficiency and reducing the risk of injury in hazardous environments. By leveraging the capabilities of our platform, organisations can optimise their supply chain operations and drive innovation in this critical field.



Unmanned Life’s platform offers a unique solution for organisations looking to address sustainability challenges by utilising the power of autonomous robotics. The platform can assist in monitoring and measuring environmental conditions, collecting data, and improving energy efficiency. Additionally, it can be used to assess the progress of reforestation projects, map and survey large areas of land, and detect and measure emissions from industrial sources.


Addressing physical security needs usually involves a considerable workforce, and conventional stationary surveillance can be costly and less efficient for larger operations. Our software platform introduces the use of autonomous robots for versatile and effective security monitoring. This approach allows for ad-hoc deployment, timed missions, or responses to on-site sensors, offering a pragmatic way to enhance safety measures.


Robotic fleets can carry out highly efficient autonomous surveillance rounds, providing better understanding of situations and quicker responses to any problems.

Emergency Response

Drone fleets can offer a complete autonomous response, starting from searching affected regions to delivering emergency supplies.

Asset Inspection

By combining robotic fleets, different payloads, and third-party platforms, we can achieve swift and precise inspections of crucial infrastructure.


With their environmentally-friendly construction and efficient energy usage, autonomous drones hold immense value for a range of sustainability applications. Whether assisting in reforestation projects or creating precise land maps, these drones play a vital role in advancing eco-friendly endeavors and actively striving for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Fire Mitigation

Fleets of drones equipped with thermal cameras can be used to monitor areas for fire breakouts, or as a direct response to a detected fire for situational awareness.


Autonomous drones excel in helping reforestation efforts. They possess the capability to perform a range of tasks, including mapping areas, planting trees, and monitoring plant growth.

Emissions Detection

Drones are capable of fulfilling a variety of tasks, such as identifying emission sources, monitoring air quality, and assessing the impact of emissions on the environment.

Supply Chain

Supply chain management faces a variety of challenges, including data management, security risks, maintaining quality, dealing with defects, and running operations that aren’t very efficient. Our software platform leverages autonomous robots to improve the supply chain by making routine tasks quicker and more accurate, making workloads more efficient, and notably reducing the chances of injuries in hazardous settings.

Smart Logistics

Orchestration of heterogeneous drones and robots increases the efficiency of industrial processes through efficient task allocation.

Last mile-delivery

Drones and ground robots work together to transport parts on their own to the last stage of the supply chain, making the process smoother.

Smart manufacturing

Robots can autonomously deliver parts to their respective destinations in warehousing and factory settings without the need for human intervention.

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With our successful deployments with partners around the globe, we have built a good name and recognition in the robotics eco-system. Follow our success stories below:


Recognised worldwide for our successful deployments we have partnered with some of the largest telcos in the world like TELUS, BT and Telefonica. Our multi award winning technology is trusted by our partners and is also showcased to their clients and customers on demand.

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