Unmanned Life’s AI for Autonomy Platform is now the Leading SaaS Platform for 5G Autonomous Applications

Unmanned Life is now trusted and backed by the US, UK and EU governments and its Autonomy-as-a-Service platform used by major Fortune 500 companies, uniquely positioning the company as the leading game changer in the 5G era 5G is not the future. It’s here and rapidly increasing its global footprint.  Market leaders like Nokia are actively engaged in almost a 100 commercial 5G projects with leading Telco providers across every continent. In Asia, KT Corp, South Korea’s largest wireless operator, has launched the ‘world’s first nationwide commercial 5G wireless network’ with enterprises and consumers now actively using the network. [...]

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Unmanned Life part of the ‘2019 SelectUSA Investment Summit’ in Washington DC, 10th-12th June 2019

Unmanned Life is honoured to be part of the exclusive ‘2019 SelectUSA Investment Summit’ held in Washington DC, from the 10th till 12th of June 2019, in the booth PP051. In a drive to foster US market recognition and visibility whilst securing strategic contracts and investments in the US market, this event has come at the right time for Unmanned Life. Unmanned Life is the world’s first and unique ‘Autonomy-as-a-Service’ software platform integrating drones of different types along with a variety of capabilities to work together as robust autonomous fleets. Our AI on the EDGE platform powers the deployment [...]

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Unmanned Life: Partner of Choice for the European Union’s 5G drone Program

Another huge milestone has been achieved for Unmanned Life! In fact, the company has been selected as a partner of choice by the European Union to be part of the exclusive 5G drone program—European Union’s flagship event, with some of the leading industrial leaders including Nokia, Orange, Thales and Airbus. European Union’s ‘5G!Drones’ aim is to trial several UAV use-cases covering 5G services, and to validate 5G KPIs for supporting challenging use cases in areas such as Traffic Management, Public Safety, Situation Awareness and Remote connectivity. This project will drive the UAV verticals such as Unmanned Life, and 5G [...]

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Unmanned Life: Unleashing the potential of 5G and Edge Computing

Deutsche Telekom ‘Hubraum 5G Prototyping’ initiative has started this week in Berlin and Unmanned Life is particularly honoured to be part of this program, alongside the most innovative start-ups in Europe, to unleash the potential of the 5G network. 5G is the next generation of communication networks designed to serve a Smart Digital Society. By delivering extreme broadband, ultra-robust low latency connectivity and massive Internet of Things networking, 5G will transform our lives, our businesses and our society. Working intensively with industry partners such as Unmanned Life, Deutsche Telekom is at the forefront of the development of the 5G [...]

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Unmanned Life: The link between Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities

It’s no secret that our transformation into highly urbanized technological societies has brought about a host of seemingly insurmountable problems. The host of problems that modern urbanites face has given rise to a new mental framework for solutions; a system through which the built environment uses connectivity and technologies to improve the lives of the citizens and business that inhabit it. That framework is the ‘Smart City’, a new class of concepts and technologies providing a much-needed lifeline for our cities in the world. ‘Smart City’ is a moniker that inspires a vision of a city where key components [...]

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