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Post-Expo 2018 and beyond

The Post-Expo is over for one more year and for Unmanned Life this was the most significant and eventful to date. Held in the city of Hamburg and over 3000 leading delegates, investors and executives of the postal industry gathered to share ideas for the future and showcase the best in cutting-edge technology. Post-Expo generates global recognition as the biggest event of the industry where the future leaders of the parcel logistics sector are made. Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year On Wednesday 10 October the award ceremony was held to announce the future leaders of innovation of the [...]

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Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year!

Unmanned Life are proud to announce we won the award for: Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year! (10th October 2018, Hamburg, Germany) During a red-carpet awards ceremony at the Post-Expo, the biggest industry event of the year in the city of Hamburg we garnered global recognition for our Autonomous Sorting Centre solution developed in partnership with Swiss Post. The industry has chosen the Unmanned Life solution over other well-established companies such as Grey Orange, Geodis, Pitney Bowles or Tompkins robotics. After winning the award for “Best Startup Innovation of the Year” at last year's conference, winning the award against [...]

Post-Expo Hamburg

It’s time for Post-Expo 2018! Over 3 days, Hamburg will be transformed into the global capital for the Postal Industry, and Unmanned Life is taking centre stage! From start-up to company, this year we will have a major stand and enormous demo space in the heart of the world’s biggest postal congress. From this strategic vantage point, we will be showcasing the one and only Autonomy-as-a-Service platform, our unique software which leverages AI and 5G to create autonomous workforces of robots, rovers and drones for industrial mission management. Before a global audience of over 3000 leading postal operators, couriers, [...]

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Everything you need to know about 5G and Autonomy-as-a-Service

1G brought us analog technology revolutionizing the way we communicate and offering instant contact around the globe. 2G saw the birth of the instant messengers and the world’s first chat forums. 3G faster communication enables the photo sharing to begin. The dawn of the smartphone. 4G wireless broadband transported in the palm of our hands enables video communication across continents What is 5G? 5G will redefine society: it is the fifth generation of wireless technology and the fastest, most reliable and most revolutionary technology the world has ever seen. This will not only affect the way we communicate, but [...]

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CEO of Unmanned Life in the Mobile World Live spotlight

Mobile World Live is the global portal for the biggest developments in the telecommunications industry and the latest news on the most exciting innovations. It streams interviews and crucial analysis from the leading companies of the industry, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Intel Corporation, AT&T, Ericsson and Samsung Electronics. It is the voice of the GSMA, the Global System for Mobile Communications, and acts as the collective voice for mobile operators around the world, uniting over 750 operators with over 350 companies in a worldwide ecosystem. At the height of the GSMA Mobile World Congress of the Americas 2018, in [...]

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