Unmanned Life, a British company, has pioneered a software platform for deploying, controlling, and orchestrating diverse drones and robotic devices to operate as autonomous fleets. The platform, accessible through APIs and SDKs, exposes functionalities such as fleet, data, mission, and decision management, enabling enterprises to swiftly construct robotic applications and streamline their automation journey across multiple sites.

Unmanned Life's modular platform is interoperable across hardware vendors and cellular networks, harnessing the latest advancements in AI, Edge computing, and 5G capabilities for rapid, scalable deployments.

Microsoft Azure private multi-edge access compute (MEC) infrastructure, the backbone of this innovation, provides crucial resources including high-capacity computing, ultra-low-latency private  5G connectivity, robust hosting infrastructure, and a suite of additional services. Azure private MEC consolidates network functions, applications, and edge-optimised Azure services, catering to the modern business needs of enterprises across diverse industries.

Microsoft features Unmanned Life's AI-enabled application in a video


Utilising Microsoft's private MEC ISV lab in Redmond, Unmanned Life swiftly deployed and tested their platform on the infrastructure. Remote integration and installation times were reduced to a matter of hours, showcasing the platform's quick setup potential in an enterprise environment.

Containerised modules were installed in Azure Cloud, communicating with the enterprise edge site. Utilising the Azure private MEC solution, on-premises hardware, including the UL-ACE, linked simulated drones and robots connected to the cloud platform for autonomous command and control. The Azure Stack Edge processed the simulated drones’ and robots' live video stream using Unmanned Life’s UL-VA module, generating AI-driven computer vision analytics in real-time. The end-user could view the processed stream via Unmanned Life’s web interface  highlighting the capabilities of the joint solution and the power of Azure private MEC.


Unmanned Life is  strategically harnessing the potential of this synergistic technology to enable the deployment of autonomous robotic systems on a global scale. By combining Unmanned Life's robust platform, designed for the efficient control and orchestration of drones and robotic fleets, with  Azure private MEC, offering high-performance, ultra-low-latency infrastructure, they present a unified and comprehensive solution tailored for diverse industries, including security, inspection, logistics, and manufacturing.

The initial offering in this collaboration is the autonomous drone fleet product, U-Security. This application, an extension of the platform, is specifically crafted to connect and deploy autonomous drone fleets for security surveillance and facility inspection. U-Security boasts  features such as 5G connectivity, autonomous charging, thermal imaging, AI decision-making, and more. Through a user-friendly interface, it provides real-time, remote surveillance capabilities. Thanks to the Azure private MEC infrastructure, U-Security can be swiftly deployed on customer sites, eliminating the need for prolonged integrations, complex cabling setups, and manual services. Key

Key U-Security Capabilities Enabled by Azure private MEC:

  • Integration with leading commercial drone hardware like DJI M350 & Zenmuse H20T Thermal Camera
  • Real-time autonomous command & control via 5G connectivity
  • Swarm orchestration for efficient fleet missions
  • Autonomous docking and weather monitoring for flight safety
  • Intuitive web interface for easy mission setup and execution
  • AI-driven intrusion detection and compatibility with leading Video Management Systems
  • Hybrid Cloud-Edge deployment models for versatility

In line with this innovation, Unmanned Life is actively establishing a customer pipeline in Europe and North America. Targeting diverse sectors such as Ports, Mining sites, Critical infrastructure facilities, and Public rescue entities, they aim to deliver cutting-edge autonomous solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry.


The successful integration of Unmanned Life and Azure private MEC signifies a new era of rapid, cost-effective technology deployments. U-Security's comprehensive package is gaining global traction, setting a precedent for scalable, intelligent systems adaptable to evolving business landscapes. Leveraging the power of 5G, AI, and edge computing, this collaborative innovation hints at a transformative future for diverse industries. Unmanned Life’s collaboration with Microsoft symbolises efficiency, scalability, and adaptability—a combination poised to reshape the technological landscape.

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