The MWC24 Arrival: Unmanned Life’s Spectacle

The MWC24 Arrival: Unmanned Life’s Spectacle

The Mobile World Congress (MWC24) is one of the largest and most anticipated events in the world of technology and innovation. This year, MWC24 promises to be the biggest yet and Unmanned Life will be making a huge splash as we continue to build the autonomous future.

In today's landscape, standalone robotic hardware is no longer efficient. The value lies in a system of robotic devices working collaboratively towards a common goal. This year, at MWC, we are excited to present the latest development of our technology that harnesses the power of 5G Connectivity, AI, Edge Compute, IoT, and API Network through a unified platform. This integration enhances the security of autonomous robotic missions, offering flexibility in deployments and employing various algorithms to address challenges across industry.

Embark on a 4-day immersive journey into autonomous drone operations, seamlessly integrated with AI. Check the agenda below and join us for an enriching experience.

Day 1 will be filled with drone demonstrations including autonomous 5G-enabled drone security mission outdoors at the UK Pavilion, after Minister of Export, Lord Malcolm Offord, UK government, will grace us with a welcome speech setting the stage. Plus showcasing U-Security capabilities with AI and thermal imaging at our booth in the GSMA Pavilion. Additionally, our CCO, Jorge Munoz, will participate in a panel discussion, addressing how robotics devices can solve water resilience issues and accelerate sustainability initiatives.

During Day 2 our CEO, Nicholas Zylberglajt, will be joining a distinguished panel of industry leaders at the GSMA Foundry to discuss the seamless integration of 5G and AI in driving digital transformation. In addition, we are honoured to be recognised as one of the Top 50 companies by 4YFN. Our CCO, Jorge Munoz, will be pitching Unmanned Life in front of these esteemed leaders

On Day 3, Senior Business Development Officer Samantha Brindle will discuss the needs and roles of DE&I Champions, Mentors, and Sponsors on the panel. On Wednesday, we are thrilled to receive the Foundry Excellence Award for autonomous drone deployment in the Port of Antwerp. You can learn more about the deployment through this Link. Fingers crossed for the announcement of the GLOMO Award winners during the ceremony!

On the final day, the Unmanned Life team will be at the Wayra stand to discuss a ground-breaking platform that addresses the current fragmentation in robotics by seamlessly integrating API and AI. Feel free to meet us there or visit our booth, where our Autonomous U-Security Drone will showcase real-time video streaming with cutting-edge people detection AI technology

Artificial Intelligence is poised to seamlessly integrate robots into our everyday lives. Unmanned Life's approach is designed to unveil platform functionalities through APIs, empowering developers to create autonomous robotic applications across diverse industries. Let's build autonomous future together!

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