Unmanned Life Enhances Precision Mapping Capabilities Through Partnership with GEODNET Foundation

<strong>Unmanned Life Enhances Precision Mapping Capabilities Through Partnership with GEODNET Foundation</strong>

London, 25th June 2024 — Unmanned Life, a leader in autonomous drone orchestration technology, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with GEODNET Foundation, the global authority in Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and GNSS correction services. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in enabling precise mapping and other critical use cases for Unmanned Life’s drone operations.

With GEODNET’s expansive network of over 7,000 RTK stations worldwide, Unmanned Life gains access to unparalleled centimetre-level accuracy. This capability empowers Unmanned Life to deliver precise solutions and enhances the performance of its autonomous drone orchestration platform across various industries.

GEODNET Foundation’s network supports diverse applications including autonomous vehicles, precision agriculture, and IoT robotics, aligning perfectly with Unmanned Life’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for complex operational challenges.

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About Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life specialises in autonomous drone orchestration technology, providing innovative solutions for industries such as logistics, infrastructure inspection, and emergency response. The company’s AI-driven platform enables efficient deployment and coordination of multiple drones simultaneously, transforming business operations with scalability and precision.

About GEODNET Foundation

GEODNET Foundation operates the world’s largest RTK network, revolutionising precision navigation with its decentralised infrastructure and blockchain technology. With over 7,000 RTK stations globally, GEODNET delivers centimetre-level accuracy critical for applications including autonomous vehicles, agriculture, and consumer robotics.

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