5 key out-takes from our presence at the Mobile World Congress 2021

This year our presence at the Mobile World Congress has been the strongest we have had the chance to achieve. Reinforcing our partnership with the GSMA and the Telco Ecosystem

5 key out-takes from our presence at the Mobile World Congress 2021

Since the pandemic started, the Mobile World Congress 21 in Barcelona is the 1st physical event we attended this year. Despite the constrains that COVID-19 presented, GSMA managed to put together a valuable event as leading executives were in town in a more intimate conference.

This year our presence at the Mobile World Congress has been the strongest we have had the chance to achieve. Reinforcing our partnership with the GSMA and the Telco Ecosystem, our leadership contributed to 5 different sessions along with leading global companies in the 5G, Aviation, Industry, High-Tech sectors.

During this Congress, our objective was one: to predicate that for unleashing the full potential of the autonomous future you need a software platform for the seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics, especially in the drone space. With our vision to become the go-to software platform for orchestration of autonomous robotics a partnership approach was needed. And therefore, our Interoperable and modular approach allows us to build strong partnership models with key players in the ecosystem to build, together, the autonomous future.

A key example of the approach was the public launch of a pioneering product called TUSS: Telefónica Unmanned Security Systems. TUSS is the alliance of Telefónica Security Engineering expertise and Unmanned Life cutting-edge technology in order to provide drone-based Autonomous Security Solutions to variety of sectors such as critical infrastructures protection, logistics, defence and boarder control, among others.

A detailed account of our stay at the Mobile World Congress 21 is featured below:

Monday 28 June, MWC21 Barcelona 

“Delivering Scalability through Partnerships” – CEO Nicholas Zylberglajt

Our CEO, Nicholas Zylberglajt kicked-off our presence at the MWC 2021, enlightening the attendants with the very first intervention for Unmanned Life, delivering a clear message: No company can win alone!

At Unmanned Life we are here to deliver a clear message: only an ecosystem approach will unlock the full potential of robots in enterprise and cities.”

Since the IoT industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, it has been difficult to create scalable and easily deployed solutions due to the fragmentation of service providers.

The conference has been shared with: Angus Ward (CEO, Beyond by BearingPoint), Philippe Lucas (EVP Orange Innovation Devices & Partnerships), Sultan H. Binsaeed (Business Development VP, Saudi Telecom Company) and Elmar Pritsch (President Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions, Robert Bosch GmbH).

Tuesday 29 June, MWC21 Barcelona 

“Welcome to the future: current use cases of AI for Autonomy” – Business & Marketing Director Jorge Muñoz

Unmanned Life’s second session was a fair validation that through partnership great things can be achieved. Our partners from TIS and WAYRA invited us to present together our technology, running partnership model and joint product at the Agora of Telefonica’s MWC stand.

During the presentation, our Business & Marketing Director was asked about the future of the autonomous mobility; and he explained the 3 pillars of Unmanned Life’s strategy:

“Sustainability, Cooperation and Orchestration,

3 key concepts to achieve the autonomous future.”

TIS and Unmanned Life took the opportunity to officially launch TUSS (Telefonica Unmanned Security System), a joint drone-based product created to serve clients with autonomous solutions that is reducing risk on critical operations, hence protecting people, while increasing efficiency, cost saving, offering sustainable resource management and leveraging 5G/EDGE communications for optimal results.

The session was moderated by Marta Antúnez (Director of Wayra Barcelona) and the discussion shared with Lorena Senador-Gómez Lázaro (Global Sales Director of Telefonica, TIS).

Watch the full session here: https://vimeo.com/569466774/7bfda682d8

“Industrial Applications for Mobile-Enabled Drones” – CEO Nicholas Zylberglajt

In this panel session our CEO covered issues such as different drones’ applications, regulatory frameworks from aviation authorities and the social acceptance of drones in the common shared space.

“We believe that autonomous drones bring a huge added value to business and society and acts as one of the key players in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems market.”

The UAS market is one of the fastest growing and innovative sectors. Our CEO supported the idea that a strong ecosystem is fundamental for the adoption of autonomous drone-based solutions. Autonomous drones had the potential to contribute to make our societies safer, greener and more inclusive.

Co-panelists: Toby Townrow (Business Development Director, Drone Evolution), Philippe Vallée (EVP, Digital Identity & Security, Thales), Marc Beltran (COO & Partner, BCN Drone Center), Patrick Castagnino (Connectivity Business Development, Digital Aviation, Airbus) and Hendrik Bödecker (CFO & Founder, Drone Industry Insights).

Wednesday 30 June, MWC21 Barcelona 

“Operator Platform: Telco Edge” – CTO Kim Clement

Kim Clement had the honour to take part in a specialist workshop organized by the GSMA Operators Platform which welcomed leaders in the Telco Cloud Edge to an intimate and interactive virtual environment.

Our CTO had the chance to present how our technology is creating concrete applications on our Telco partners Cloud EDGE.

Kim Clement  presented  our experience of being the very first application used for GSMA Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) pre-commercial 2021 trials, in detail. TEC is a global initiative to expose, manage and market Edge Computing resources and capabilities across different networks and national boundaries based on a combination of open technologies and telco standards.

Virtual session shared with: Alex Harmand (Telefonica), Shamik Mishra (Vice President & CTO Connectivity, Capgemini Engineering) and Faisal Zia (Operator Platform Group Lead, GSMA).

“AI In healthcare: COVID-19 & The Future” – CTO Kim Clement

The healthcare sector has shown a striking growth in the use of robotics solution  amongst other sectors and corporations. If we really want to leverage the benefits of robotic devices, we need to collaborate and work together.

All the challenges that we faced  last year, especially COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrated the importance of single workforce to contribute to a greater productivity. In this case, the fragmentation of robots in the healthcare sector, require expertise on different fields and we believe in collaborations between different companies with different expertise to overcome those defies.

During the session, different successful use cases showing how AI, machine learning and high-quality data saved lives and reshaped the healthcare industry were presented. We shared our experience with autonomous delivery of medical supplies and drone swarms for disinfection.

Conference speakers: Sergio Parolari (RAN WG2 Vice-Chairman, ZTE), Keith Errey (CEO & Co-Founder, Isansys), Vince Lynch (CEO, IV.AI), Azhar Sayeed (Chief Technologist, Telecoms, Red Hat), Bill Wong (AI & Data Analytics Practice Leader, Dell Technologies) and Josep Corrigan (Head of intelligent Healthcare, Cambridge Consultants).

This Mobile World Congress was like no one. Primarily, because it was the first event to be held after the pandemic restrictions were eased. . Secondly, because Unmanned Life´s presence was the biggest ever. Thirdly and most importantly, we were able to meet again with our customers and partners and demonstrate why our technology is not only relevant but fundamental to make the autonomous future a reality.

Stay tuned for more of Unmanned Life!

About Unmanned LifeUnmanned Life is changing the way robots are being deployed by providing seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics with its Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform. Unmanned Life integrates different technologies, such as AI, 5G, and Edge computing with multiple robots, like drones and/or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and a variety of capabilities to enable autonomous robotics operations across multiple industries in particular, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities.

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