A look into the autonomous future with Unmanned Life at MWC22

Where and when to find us? View our day-to-day agenda marking our significant presence at MWC2022.

A look into the autonomous future with Unmanned Life at MWC22

The rise of Intelligent robots, drones, and machines has made our lives much simpler, which is something that humanity has strived for since the beginning. Smarter computer programmes, real-time operating systems, improved controller designs and specifications, as well as new sensors and actuators, have ushered in a revolution in automation and control. Complex but time-consuming tasks can now be completed without the use of human resources, enhancing human resource management, and saving their time. 

But the autonomous future is much more than autonomous vehicles. It is about how we get our goods delivered, how we protect citizens’ lives or how our manufacturing takes a quantum leap with the automation of the 21st century. For example, in September 2021, Unmanned Life demonstrated a successful deployment for autonomous search and rescue solution in a simulation of a drowning man in River Danube, searched and rescued using drones that worked as one unit to save lives through our software platform.  

With the right system, technology can offer this and much more in the future. To share more insights into the potential and capabilities of our software system we will be coming with significant presence to MWC again this year. At this event, we will highlight a small trailer of what our technology is able to do on a larger scale.  

Stand and Live Demo: “Autonomous drones Surveillance” Monday 28 – Thursday 03, @ GSMA Stand / Hall 4 

Unmanned Life will be doing a small-scale live demo at the GSMA stand for autonomous drone surveillance over 5G which will stream in real-time AI for person detection. 

Read more: https://www.gsma.com/iot/drones/the-gsma-foundry-and-5g-autonomous-drones-efficient-inventory-management-and-surveillance-inspections/ 

Speaking slot: “The Future is here” – Telefonica’s Headquarter Drone Protection – Tuesday 01 – 14:30h, @ Stand 3K31 / Hall 3 

Speaking with: Miguel Borja Cano (Head of Defense and National Security-Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad), Fabián Blanco Ortiz (Chairman and CEO -Telefónica Ingeniería Seguridad).  

CEO Nicholas Zylberglajt will talk about a state-of-the-art demonstration where Unmanned Life will deploy its Autonomous Surveillance system, located at Telefonica’s headquarters in Madrid, LIVE from MWC Barcelona. This is a great first step and a concrete result of our partnership with Telefónica. Together we are building an autonomous future that will improve security and inspections in an optimal, safe, and environmentally sustainable way. 

Read more: https://www.telefonica.com/en/mwc/agora/the-future-is-here-telefonicas-headquarter-drone-protection/

Speaking Slot: “On the way to scale up” – Tuesday 01- 13:00h, @ Hall 6 Beta Lab 

Speaking with: Representatives from Exxita and Ezzing Solar. 

Join our VP of Business and Marketing, Jorge Muñoz, as he highlights how Telefonica has accelerated our business, as well as the ecosystem that enhances the platform.  

Read more: https://www.telefonica.com/en/mwc/agenda/?t=tab-1st-march 

Awards Ceremony: GLOMO Awards Ceremony – Wednesday 02 – 12:00h, Virtually 

The winner ceremony for Glomo Awards will happen in MWC2022 where Unmanned Life has been nominated for a prestigious Global Mobile Award, in the Tech4Good category: “Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations”, alongside some of the leading global Telcos.  

Read more: https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/mobile-awards/2022-categories-and-awards 

Stand:  4 Years from Now with Wayra – Wednesday 02, 14.00-19.00h, @ Hall 6 Stand 6C19 

We will also have a stand at the 4YFN, as part of Wayra Booth, which is the start-up event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, GSMA MWC with a goal to support startups, investors, and companies connect and launch new business ventures together.

Read more: https://www.4yfn.com/exhibitor/wayra/ 

Speaking Slot: “Aviation Summit” – Thursday 03, 10.30 @ industry city stage, Hall 4 

Speaking with: Elena Neira (Head of 5G Standards – MITRE Labs), Thomas Neubauer (VP of Business Development and Innovations – TEOCO), Nora Metzner (Senior Product Manager – Droniq), Miguel Álvaro Fernández (Drones Sales Specialist – Telefonica), Lorena Senador-Gómez Lázaro (Global Sales Director – Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad). 

Our VP of Business and Marketing, Jorge Munoz, will talk about discovering commercial opportunities in advanced air mobility and will be discussing how to turn this potential into successful real-world solutions. 

Read more: https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/agenda/session/aviation-summit-discovering-commercial-opportunities-in-advanced-air-mobility 

Unmanned Life is helping to build the Autonomous future through hardware agnostic multi-robot orchestration, driven by its proprietary software. Unmanned Life’s orchestration platform functions as an intelligent brain to integrate the ecosystem and build autonomous solutions in most organizations, which have diverse fleets of robots and drones from various manufacturers executing a wide range of jobs. Creating autonomous teams can have a substantial impact in a variety of industries, from industry 4.0 to smart city. 

Unmanned Life is paving the way for an autonomous future where you will have eyes and ears in the sky, on hard-to-reach lands and deep underwater. Where Man and intelligent machines will work together to achieve a future of safety, prosperity, and efficiency. Unmanned Life is prepared to unleash the full potential of robots in enterprises and our cities because #The Future is Autonomous.  

About Unmanned Life: Unmanned Life is changing the way robots are being deployed by providing seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics with its Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform. Unmanned Life integrates different technologies, such as AI, 5G, and Edge computing with multiple robots, like drones and/or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and a variety of capabilities to enable autonomous robotics operations across multiple industries in particular, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities.  

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