Autonomous Inventory Management at Wayra Germany by UL

Unmanned Life is collaborating with Wayra Germany, Telefónica’s Open Innovation Hub to deliver a demo kit showcasing its autonomous inventory management system at Wayra’s Tech Lab.

Autonomous Inventory Management at Wayra Germany by UL

Unmanned Life is collaborating with Wayra GermanyTelefónica’s Open Innovation Hub to deliver a demo kit showcasing its autonomous inventory management system at Wayra’s Tech Lab. The demonstration enables Unmanned Life to highlight its key capabilities: Artificial intelligence (AI) insights, live drone video stream on a central interface, Person/object detection and how these innovative solutions can be deployed leveraging Telefónica/o2’s 5G network. 

“This Unmanned Life demo at Wayra is only the starting point for common business development. Together we will become the leader in industrial AGV/UAV orchestration.” – Florian Bogenschütz, CEO of Wayra Germany 

Unmanned Life successfully demonstrated a kit consisting of a drone and a compact control device, flying in a confined space simulating a warehouse. Deployed at Wayra Germany’s Tech Lab in Munich to conduct Inventory management missions, the drone flew along the racks identifying individual boxes and read the QR codes to create a virtual map of all the goods in the racks with their identification and position. As part of the demo kit, Unmanned Life deployed its key software modules on Telefonica/o2’s 5G infrastructure. These software modules were used to control and manage the drone and analyse video for box detection.    

Unmanned Life’s core functionality in alliance with Telefonica/o2’s 5G network is indeed expected to bring revolution to commercial drones. The partnership with Wayra Germany provides Unmanned Life with more than just 5G infrastructure. Another advantage is the ability to serve thousands of Telefonica’s enterprise clients in a large market. Furthermore, Telefonica provides additional services that are integrated with Unmanned Life’s technology, augmenting the overall value of the customer’s solutions. Network infrastructure, cloud computing, cyber security, and consultancy services are just a few examples. 

Together with Wayra Germany and Telefonica’s connectivity, Unmanned Life demonstrates the importance of the low latency 5G can provide. It exhibits its true qualities in critical operations where multiple autonomous robots must be controlled from a single command platform and be sophisticated enough to make decisions on real-time data analysis. 

“Unmanned Life’s capabilities in controlling different robot types via one interface are unique and very relevant for any human-robot interaction in the future. With the help of our 5G & Robotics Tech Lab at Wayra, we provide the perfect environment for creating and testing new use-cases of robotic interaction.” – Nora Alfen, Head of Tech Lab 

With optimized inventory data integrity and operational safety, Unmanned Life’s unique platform provides an autonomous inventory management system that promises improved KPIs like cycle counting frequency, worker safety, on-time deliveries, inventory and fulfillment accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and so on.   

For Unmanned Life, it was a great opportunity to partner with Wayra Germany to signify implementable advanced technologies like drones to accomplish industry 4.0. It is also an opportunity to improve areas such as compact and light control devices, with an optimized user interface that is both intuitive and eye-pleasing, which can later be part of the services we offer.   

“It is great to see our alliance with Telefonica growing every day. Today we are making our first step into the German market, hand-to-hand with Wayra Germany and Telefonica Germany, confident that our platform, powered by Telefonica’s connectivity, will have an impact in their customers robotics operations. We look forward to leveraging these demo kits to collaboratively unlock opportunities with-in industry 4.0 market.” – Jorge Munoz, VP of Business and Marketing

Unmanned Life’s next stages will include training and handing over the solution to Telefonica, which will use it as a display for their customers. Our mission is to create awareness about autonomous robotics and how 5G and AI are crucial enablers for the autonomous future. We want to communicate the latest outcomes of our partnership-led activities with large telecom operators and end customers by exhibiting examples and successful installations. 

About Unmanned Life: Unmanned Life is changing the way robots are being deployed by providing seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics with its Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform. Unmanned Life integrates different technologies. Such as AI, 5G, and Edge computing with multiple robots, like drones and/or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and a variety of capabilities to enable autonomous robotics operations across multiple industries in particular, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. 

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