Empowering Autonomous Surveillance with U-Security by Unmanned Life

Empowering Autonomous Surveillance with U-Security by Unmanned Life

On July 13th, Unmanned Life announced its latest game-changer in the field of surveillance and inspection technology – U-Security. Powered by the Unmanned Life platform and incorporating the latest advancements in AI, edge computing, and 5G connectivity, the autonomous drone-in-a-box system ensures precision, reliability, and exceptional efficiency across industries.

Autonomous Drone Surveillance

At its core, U-Security gives intelligence and autonomy to best-in-class hardware to enable efficient security measures for enterprise facilities and public environments.

Thanks to the agnostic platform approach, U-Security uses the latest in drones, sensor systems, imaging, and charging technology. For example, U-Security's autonomous docking station and accompanying weather station are meticulously designed for optimal performance in industrial environments, enabling applications in ports, oil & gas facilities, critical infrastructure sites, mines, and more.

Breaking free from the limitations of conventional surveillance approaches, U-Security rises as a leader in the space, with a host of features that maximise security coverage, ensure rapid reaction to ongoing events, and reduce vulnerabilities linked to human errors.

Comprehensive Security Suite

Unlike alternative security solutions, whether fixed or drone-based, U-Security distinguishes itself by offering remarkable flexibility during missions thanks to its real-time data flows over cellular networks. Take camera control for example, where operators can remotely operate the camera onboard the drone during autonomous missions. This grants instant access to real-time situational awareness, live-streaming, and thermal operations, all reinforced by a comprehensive suite of features including 360-degree coverage, collision avoidance, and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations.

Live video feeds can also be overlaid with Unmanned Life’s AI person detection algorithms, detecting unauthorised personnel and anomalous activities, enabling prompt interventions. The incorporation of thermal cameras adds a critical layer to this solution, allowing day and night operations, and working seamlessly with the AI.

U-Security also offers multiple deployment methods that adapt to different security needs. The event trigger mechanism allows drones to autonomously respond to affected areas, capturing data for analysis at the command centre. For more dynamic security scenarios, on-demand deployment enables security personnel to customise rounds and parameters in real-time, adapting swiftly to changing circumstances. Lastly, scheduled missions enhance surveillance efficiency by setting missions to fly autonomously at intervals, for more consistent rounds.

Finally, swarm orchestration is a key driver of U-Security. Designed for larger environments, it allows several, connected drones to be launched at the press of a button, with the central platform co-ordinating the intelligence between them.


The importance of speed and prompt actions cannot be overstated when safeguarding establishments. A single drone can reach speeds of up to 60km/h, covering over 100 hectares in a single flight, meaning rapid and extensive coverage of a site. U-Security also operates 24/7, with the orchestration of autonomous drones and docking systems facilitating seamless operations, minimizing downtime, and guaranteeing drones' readiness to respond to any situation.

All of this leads to efficient security. Our active deployments have yielded impressive results, showcasing as high as a 12x annual return on investment in certain areas.

Most importantly, U-Security is designed to evolve with the latest security advancements, with its modularity allowing easy maintenance and seamless upgrades. The hardware-agnostic nature of the platform future-proofs the solution, with the newest drones able to be added to the system. No more getting locked into manufacturers or having to uproot entire security systems.


U-Security marks a significant stride forward in surveillance technology, offering unrivalled efficiency, flexibility, and advanced features. Whether it's mitigating security risks or ensuring robust surveillance, U-Security delivers.

We invite you to experience the capabilities of U-Security firsthand. Reach out to us today to learn more about how U-Security can enhance your security operations. At Unmanned Life, we're excited to move into this new era of surveillance technology with you.

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