From Autonomous Drones to Cloud Networks: Unmanned Life’s Impact at MWC23

From Autonomous Drones to Cloud Networks: Unmanned Life’s Impact at MWC23

We are thrilled to share our experience at Mobile World Congress 2023, where Unmanned Life had the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge autonomous robotics solutions. The meetings we had during MWC were incredibly productive and could potentially lead to some fantastic partnerships and projects in the future. Our team had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, pitch our innovative solutions, and showcase the incredible work we've been doing at Unmanned Life. These discussions have given us a glimpse into the future of technology and how our platform can play an essential role in shaping it. We're thrilled at the prospect of working with these companies and are excited about the potential impact our collaborations could have on the industry.

Everyday Activities

Throughout the MWC23, Unmanned Life showcased its cutting-edge technology in various booths across the event. Visitors were able to witness firsthand the power of autonomous drone inventory management, which was demonstrated as part of Accenture's "Gold Demonstrations" on their booth. The attendees had the chance to learn about and experience the innovative solutions that Unmanned Life provides for various industries.

Day 1 - Monday 27th Feb

The first day of the MWC 23 was exciting for Unmanned Life. Our CEO, Nicholas Zylberglajt, delivered a pitch at the "Boosting Industries with AI". The pitch focused how our innovative technology and business model are disrupting the field of AI.

In the evening, we hosted a cocktail dinner for our guests at the stunning Hotel Casa Fuster. The event was a huge success, with attendees networking and discussing the latest trends in autonomous technology.

Day 2 - Tuesday 28th Feb

The second day started with an exciting workshop on autonomous robotics at the edge with AWS. Kim Clement, our CTO, had the amazing opportunity to announce our brand-new partnership with AWS. He also presented the architecture built together with AWS and explained the succesful integration with snowball.

Day 3 - Wednesday 1st Mar

On Wednesday afternoon, the excitement was palpable as we pitched at the 4YFN Awards Ceremony as the top 5 finalists. It was an honour to be selected from among so many other innovative startups. Our VP of Business Marketing, Jorge Muñoz, did an outstanding job presenting our company's vision and solutions. We were thrilled to have the be recognised as one of the best startups with other industry leaders at such a prestigious event.

We took part of a panel session at the 5G Futures Summit. Kim Clement, our CTO, participated as a speaker, discussing the importance of a Federated Global Operator Platform in creating a cloud network of open API gateways.

We also had a stand at Wayra's booth, where visitors were able to learn more about our solutions and how they can improve their businesses.

Day 4 - Thursday 2nd Mar

On the final day of the conference, Unmanned Life participated in a discussion with Telefonica on autonomous solutions for the security industry and Jorge Muñoz, our VP of Business Marketing, was the speaker. He took the occasion to announce the launch of the new product: U-Security. The discussion focused on how our autonomous solutions can enhance security and surveillance in different settings.

We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of autonomous robotics and working towards a future where automation can bring new levels of efficiency and safety to various industries. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our vision for the future.

See you next year at MWC24!

The Unmanned Life team.

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