iot squared and Unmanned Life Announce Strategic Alliance

<strong>iot squared and Unmanned Life Announce Strategic Alliance</strong>

(Barcelona, May 21, 2024) - iot squared, a leader in innovative IoT solutions, and Unmanned Life, a pioneer in autonomous robot orchestration, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. This landmark collaboration aims to transform autonomous robotics across various industries.

Partnership Overview

The MoU signifies a strategic alignment between Unmanned Life and iot squared, driven by a shared vision of pioneering advancements in autonomous robot orchestration and IoT solutions. Together, both entities are committed to co-developing cutting-edge unmanned autonomous platforms integrating UAVs and robotics.

This collaborative effort is designed to propel industry innovation by focusing on the development of transformative solutions addressing critical facets such as safety & security, sustainability, and supply chain optimisation across IoT Squared's expansive verticals.

Moreover, the partnership underscores a commitment to bolstering infrastructure on the Edge, where feasible, while seamlessly integrating Unmanned Life's expertise in connectivity, software, and centralised operations to complement IoT Squared's existing suite of solutions and products.


By integrating Unmanned Life platforms and IoT solutions, the collaboration will enhance safety measures and security practices. It will also enable seamless data exchange and interoperability through 5G-enabled connectivity solutions, and provide real-time monitoring, control, and decision-making with centralised operations management. Furthermore, the partnership will promote eco-friendly operations and reduce environmental impact through innovative technologies.

Relevance of Collaboration Today

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, characterised by digitalisation and the need for sustainable practices, the collaboration between iot squared and Unmanned Life offers timely solutions. This partnership comes at a pivotal moment as businesses seek innovative ways to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive value.

As industries worldwide grapple with the challenges of optimising operations, ensuring safety, and reducing environmental impact, the integration of advanced robotic orchestration platforms and IoT solutions offers a timely solution. The partnership comes at a pivotal moment when businesses are seeking innovative approaches to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive value across their operations.

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