Unmanned Life Soft Launch U-Security: An Autonomous Drone Security-Based Product at GSMA M360 UK Event

Unmanned Life Soft Launch U-Security: An Autonomous Drone Security-Based Product at GSMA M360 UK Event

London 5th of July 2023 - Unmanned Life, the software platform for the seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics, is proud to announce the soft launch of its very first product, U-security, at the prestigious GSMA M360 – Mobile Security and Industries Event. As an official sponsor of the event, Unmanned Life will present on the 12th of July at 11:00 am, with Co-founder and VP Jorge Munoz taking the stage to introduce its brand-new solution.

The first official product launch is happening at their tech offices in Barcelona on July 13th, two days after the GSMA M360 event. Here they will have a live demonstration of U-Security in front of numerous partners and clients.

U-Security represents a significant leap forward in autonomous drone-based security systems, providing advanced and around-the-clock protection for properties and assets. It is incredibly versatile when enabling its wide range of use cases, leveraging the power of 5G, edge computing, and Ai. Making it the ideal choice for diverse industries such as Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Ports, and Mining.

Unmanned Life's U-Security contains cutting-edge capabilities, empowering it to operate and make decisions independently. By minimizing human interaction and operational errors, the brand-new product ensures seamless and error-free security operations, ultimately reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. The solution unlocks substantial cost-saving potential, streamlining operations, and delivers a more efficient and profitable security strategy for businesses.

During the two-day event, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the power of Unmanned Life's earliest product firsthand at Unmanned Life's booth in the GSMA foundry. The team will provide live demonstrations, showcasing the full capabilities of its remarkable potential. Don't miss this chance to experience the future of autonomous security.

"We are thrilled to introduce U-Security to industry professionals and showcase its game-changing features at the GSMA M360 UK event," said Jorge Munoz, Co-founder and VP of Unmanned Life. "Our solution will revolutionize the way security is managed across various industries, allowing organizations to achieve unmatched levels of efficiency, cost savings, and asset protection."

The GSMA M360 UK event brings together security professionals from countless industries to share best practices in securely leveraging mobile technologies and transforming businesses. This event presents a unique opportunity for security professionals and industry experts to foster cross-industry collaboration and enhance security measures collectively.

Unmanned Life invites all mobile and technology security professionals, as well as vertical industry business professionals, to visit their booth at the GSMA foundry during the event and encounter the revolutionary capabilities of U-Security.

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