The road to a sustainable future with Unmanned life

The best way to predict the future is to design it

The road to a sustainable future with Unmanned life

A sustainable organisation must be socially responsible, focusing on environmental protection and dynamic equilibrium in human and natural systems. By fostering the efficiency of new and more sustainable means of technology development will help to achieve SDG targets. It is consequently necessary to develop new technologies that promote research and stimulate innovation. As a software company, we understand our responsibilities as the forefront of innovation, and our goal is to enable technologies to reduce environmental risk to create a sustainable product. With a mission to achieve global net zero emissions for our operations by 2030 we are all geared up for our “green” journey.  

Why sustainability matters to us?  

Sustainability is embedded in our core values and is a key component of our future business strategies and policies. From cost-effective collaboration with first responders, to round-the-clock drone solutions replacing mundane or risky tasks, our cutting-edge technology is playing a critical role in improving individual’s quality of life. Drones and Robots are fundamentally suited to respond to humanitarian and environmental crisis with in-built flexibility and speed, and we are leveraging this to take our deployments to new heights, using drones to cut emissions by up to 28 times in our use cases, saving lives with scaled emergency response operations, and autonomously planting trees all over the world. Going green and sustainable is not only beneficial for the company; it also maximizes the benefits from an environmental focus in the long-term. 

What steps are we taking towards it? 

We are putting our passion for robots and automation to good use by developing the most cutting-edge solutions for decarbonization, reforestation, and long-term growth to alleviate and permanently alter the climate concerns. We can make sustainability a core strategic goal without jeopardising future generations’ aspirations by taking responsibility for lowering our global environmental footprint. 

Net Zero by 2030? Can we make it happen?  

Our goal is aligned with Paris Agreement´s long-term temperature goal to limit global warming to well below 2°C by 2030.  

What we as a company and individuals are committed to:  

  • Environment (protecting the environment, preserving resources, utilizing equipment in a safe and accountable manner)   
  • Employees (fair and stable working conditions for all staff; strengthening inclusive and diverse culture; encouraging employees to share their passion for the sustainable environment)  
  • Customers and Society (responsible relationships with transparent, open and honest leadership system internally; code of conduct to our partners and customers, and social commitment to greenfield projects)  
  • Profitability (doing business in a responsible and sensible manner to ensure the stability of the company and enable healthy growth)  
Sustainability as a platform  

Unmanned Life’s contribution to environmental sustainability is primarily to cut GHG emissions (e.g., C20, Methane, N20). We regard the two megatrends, digitalization and decarbonization, as playing a key role in constructing a sustainable future as part of our ambition to become the go-to software company for seamless robot orchestration.​ 

The platform and capabilities of Unmanned Life could be used for societal good in a variety of ways, such as emergency response, medical delivery, and more. Our platform’s user experience is at its core, complementing emergency rescue with a visual tool to help save lives and assure responder safety. 

As we grow, so does our appetite for social and environmental good. Our goal is to scale efforts across the world, deploying in 4 continents by 2022, leveraging drones to reduce emissions by up to 30x in our use cases, saving lives with scaled emergency response operations, and planting trees autonomously around the globe.  

Sustainability as a company 

Our organisation has modified its business and operational model to integrate sustainability by implementing management practises, systems, and processes that mould new behaviours and decision-making capacities. Unmanned Life evaluates and identifies new or existing ESG issues that may influence or be influenced by our platform solution. We also keep an eye on the most recent ESG advancements and legislation changes, as well as disclosure requirements and best practices in the sector. Gender equality is one of the SDGs that is critical to our business. We value women’s contributions in the workplace and encourage any efforts to improve employee well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  


Sustainable practices are vital for long-term visions of the environment and society, with technology leading the way in offsetting carbon emissions, keeping us safe, and helping those in need. As a disruptive software platform offering the orchestration of drones and robotics, we have a duty to accelerate these practices by using our drone platform for reforestation, public safety, and computer vision in wildfire mitigation, agriculture, and emergency response, whilst our autonomy with mobile robots tackles the increasing emissions from logistics and manufacturing. With the cooperation of local, national, and international governing bodies, we hope to scale these solutions to combat key challenges worldwide 

Autonomous applications can provide a breath of fresh air and sustainable solutions considering current world challenges such as climate change, pollution, safety, and well-being, to name a few. Disaster relief efforts, for example, can be optimized with drone insights and rescue apps, saving lives and having a positive societal impact.​ 

Sustainability is not only powered by the platform, but by the company. On our part, we hold on to the value of giving back to the society in the most meaningful way by ensuring that industrial sector can lead the way in combating climate change to pave way for a better and safer environment. We hope to continue pushing the boundaries of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and contributing to a culture of acceptance as we grow.  

Follow our link here for a detailed sustainability report by Unmanned Life

About Us 

Unmanned Life is a software platform company that leverages AI for the seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics. We are changing the way autonomous robotics are being deployed by corporations and cities thanks to our autonomy-as-a-service orchestration platform powered by AI, 5G, and edge computing. Our modular solution is interoperable across hardware vendors and networks, flexible in deployments, and scalable. As a software company, we understand our responsibilities as the forefront of innovation, and our goal is to enable technologies to reduce environmental risk to create a sustainable product. 

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