The Ultimate Cloud Network Infrastructure for Autonomous Robotics

The Ultimate Cloud Network Infrastructure for Autonomous Robotics

Unmanned Life has just released a new report titled "The Ultimate Cloud Network Infrastructure for Autonomous Robotics". The report delves into the challenges of connecting and orchestrating robots in order to achieve impactful use cases that provide value to end-users.

As the world becomes increasingly automated, robots and drones are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in many industries. By 2026, more than 152,000 robots are projected to be deployed, reaching a total market value of USD 58.56 billion with a CAGR of 33.21%. Additionally, the drone market is expected to grow at a 7.8% CAGR between 2022-2030, indicating the potential for air robotics to become another vibrant industry for years to come.

However, the key challenge is to connect these robots and orchestrate them to achieve impactful use cases that provide value to end-users. This requires a unique mobile network infrastructure and edge capabilities. 5G and Edge Computing technologies are essential for the next phase of robotics. Unmanned Life's platform, as an Edge-Native application, brings data processing closer to the source, providing a more efficient and effective orchestration of autonomous robots.

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The report outlines the essential requirements for the cloud network infrastructure of autonomous robotics, including ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, service continuity, security, and privacy. Meeting these requirements is crucial to ensure timely and effective communication and coordination between robots, quick data transfer for real-time decision-making, and improved safety, efficiency, and productivity in real-world scenarios. Additionally, the report details the benefits of 5G technology in Unmanned Life's platform, which allows data to be processed closer to the source instead of being transmitted to the cloud application for processing.

leading software platform for autonomous robotics has released its sustainability report for 2023, highlighting its commitment to sustainable practices and outlining its progress towards achieving its sustainability goals.

To learn more about how we achieve a better future, download the full report.

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