UL’s participation in Network X-2022

We were invited to the event this year again with our very own booth and a speaking slot for our VP of Business and Marketing Jorge Muñoz.

UL’s participation in Network X-2022

From 18-20th October our VP of Business and Marketing Jorge Muñoz and Marketing Officer, Kate Zemouri were in Amsterdam to attend the Broadband World Forum hosted by Network X.  

Last year, our Vice President of Business and Marketing, Jorge Muñoz delivered a pitch on stage before an audience of professional connoisseurs and a judging panel of experts in their field. With the wealth of knowledge showcased by our VP, he was able to secure a place for Unmanned Life as the top 2 finalists in the competition and later won the BBWF start-up award for our company. 

As winners of last year’s competition, we were invited to the event this year again with our very own booth and a speaking slot for our VP of Business and Marketing Jorge Muñoz. It was a 3-day event in Rai Amsterdam, and it was unmissable since BBWF joined forces with 5G World and Telco Cloud under Network X, the telecom industry’s premier gathering of business leaders, technology experts, policymakers, and investors from across the ecosystem. 

«It was a great pleasure to be part of Network X event 2022 Amsterdam, that brought together leaders and changemakers in telecom and to share my vision on the road to the autonomous everything. The autonomous robotics sector is booming and I am glad to have presented the contributions that Unmanned Life is making towards an autonomous future.» VP of Business and Marketing, Jorge Muñoz. 

Jorge and Kate started the event by meeting visitors from the eco-system who wanted to know more about our technology and how we transform 5G and Edge in real-time applications for enterprises and cities.  

On the same day, our team attended the networking event in Johan Cruyff Arena. This was a great opportunity to meet other technology experts and business leaders from across the ecosystem and discuss the hot topics in the current market.  

The next day we had the speaking session for our VP of Business and Marketing Jorge Muñoz at the 5G Expo theatre. Jorge discussed the concept of «Autonomous Everything» and the role of  5G  in making it happen. Key learnings from his session are outlined below: 

  • Autonomous future is more than just driverless cars. It will be a moment when society will have reached progress thanks to the development, adaptation and integration of autonomous systems across sectors.   
  • Jorge discussed the challenges faced by the robotics sector and how Unmanned Life is addressing those with 5G being a key enabler. 
  • Unmanned Life uses the advanced technology of its software platform to showcase the power of orchestration to unleash the full potential of autonomous robotics for enterprises and smart cities. 
  • The adoption of end-to-end autonomous solutions will drive the industrial transformation towards a more sustainable, efficient and profitable model. 

Last day was the wrap up of Network X. As a software company that thrives on innovation and advanced technology, it was great to be alongside telco and IT giants, other start-ups, and innovators with over 350 professional speakers and 300 exhibitors. We want to thank Network X for this wonderful opportunity and hope to be back again next year! 

About Unmanned Life: Unmanned Life is changing the way robots are being deployed by providing seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics with its Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform. Unmanned Life integrates different technologies. Such as AI, 5G, and Edge computing with multiple robots, like drones and/or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and a variety of capabilities to enable autonomous robotics operations across multiple industries in particular, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. 

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