Unmanned Life Named 2023 Cool Vendor in Communications by Gartner

Unmanned Life Named 2023 Cool Vendor in Communications by Gartner

We are excited to announce another significant milestone: Unmanned Life has been honoured with the esteemed title of "2023 Cool Vendor in Communications" by Gartner, a globally recognised research and advisory firm. This accolade underscores our steadfast commitment to pushing the frontiers of communication technology and delivering pioneering solutions that set us apart within the industry. But what exactly defines a 'Cool Vendor'?

What defines a 'Cool Vendor'?

Gartner's discerning process for identifying Cool Vendors is guided by a stringent set of criteria that emphasises innovation, impact, and intrigue within the technology landscape. Being a Cool Vendor transcends mere technological allure; it encompasses services and inventive business models. To earn this distinction, a company must embody three core elements:

  • Innovation: A Cool Vendor offers unique technologies, products, services, or business models that empower users to achieve what was once deemed unattainable.
  • Impact: Cool vendors have the potential to transform business impact and market dynamics significantly.
  • Intrigue: Cool vendors have captured Gartner's attention in the past six months, demonstrating their relevance and potential.

Why Unmanned Life?

Unmanned Life secured its Gartner Cool Vendor status owing to its cutting-edge software platform that seamlessly integrates robots and drones from diverse vendors. This technology empowers unified robotic teams, surmounting disparities in operating systems and interfaces, enabling autonomous deployment and control.

Moreover, Unmanned Life's platform effortlessly integrates with third-party systems, encompassing business information and advanced computer vision, enhancing solutions for Industry 4.0 and smart cities. Its adaptability across networks, supporting autonomous control via Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, or 5G, amplifies its effectiveness.

Adopting a modular approach, Unmanned Life offers tailored applications, presently focusing on autonomous drone-based security surveillance and inspection in Ports, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Mining, and other industries.

Receiving recognition as a Cool Vendor in Communications for 2023 reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence. As communication undergoes a dynamic evolution, we invite you to actively engage in this journey. Unmanned Life's pioneering solutions unveil boundless possibilities.

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