Unmanned Life wins the 2021 European Technology Award

Unmanned Life take home the European Technology Award in Robotics category

Unmanned Life wins the 2021 European Technology Award

“The winners of the European Technology Awards are always people whose professional careers are examples of overcoming challenges to gain success. They are those who, through effort, determination, and creativity, have earned esteemed recognition. Unmanned Life is a prime example of these qualities.”   The organizing entity.

What a great way to approach the end of the year!  We take home one more award as our software platform and game-changing technology achieves recognition by the organizing entity, Professional and Business Excellence Institute, that has a long history of organizing events where they reward professional excellence in the technological sector.

Management Team of Unmanned Life

This year Unmanned Life won the 2nd Edition European Technology Award, recognizing Unmanned Life as one of the industry leaders, since they are changing the way autonomous robotics is being deployed by large corporations. It is exciting to be in the same space where ASTI Mobile Robotics were last year as they won the first edition of the EU tech award.

CEO of Unmanned Life, Nicholas Zylberglajt and VP of Business and Marketing, Jorge Muñoz attended the event in person to receive the award and share the vision of the company with leading experts and professionals in the field.

The award had been delivered in a gala event at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in a perfect season for the attendees to visit the city. The hotel’s charm and elegance made it the perfect choice for the occasion enabling the award-winners to share a day with other professionals, promoting excellence and knowledge through teaching, research, and proactive networking.

European Tech Awards

EU Technology Award marks the 5Th award this year for Unmanned Life as it has been recognized across the world by multiple technology giants, Fortune 500 industrial behemoths, governments and associations, winning awards such as “5G Technology and EDGE Computing Award” by 5G World (2021) and “Start-up Competition Award” by Broadband World Forum (2021). Unmanned Life has become one of the referents in 5G-enabled autonomous robotics solutions in the Telco industry both in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Read more herehttps://www.theeuropeanawards.eu/premiado/unmanned-life-awarded-in-the-robotics-category

About Unmanned LifeUnmanned Life is changing the way robots are being deployed by providing seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics with its Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform. Unmanned Life integrates different technologies. Such as AI, 5G, and Edge computing with multiple robots, like drones and/or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and a variety of capabilities to enable autonomous robotics operations across multiple industries in particular, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities.

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