Unmanned Life’s Product Launch Event: The Future of Autonomous Security

Unmanned Life’s Product Launch Event: The Future of Autonomous Security

Yesterday, on July 13, Unmanned Life officially launched U-Security onto the global market during a remarkable event in their tech hub in Barcelona, marking a new chapter for Unmanned Life and the security industry. Representatives from global industry leaders including Telefonica, TELUS, AWS, and GSMA shared their insights on the potential of autonomous technology and its transformative impact on the market.

Key Moments and Notable Presentations:

The event, opened by our senior business officer Sam Brindle, started with a warm welcome from Nicholas Zylberglajt, our visionary Co-Founder and CEO, and Sarah Roles-Ndibe, the Head of Technology at the UK Department for Business & Trade, who discussed the significance of the UK as a hub for technology, and the partnerships with Spain that can make taking innovative products to market reality.

We then looked at some of the drivers that made this product happen, with Sam Brindle describing how the funding from the ICEX Innova Invest Program was instrumental in building, refining, and extending the product with advanced functionality that would never have been possible without the injection of capital. Unmanned Life specified how the results of the program had been a resounding success, and the next steps in releasing on a global scale.

Driving Growth Through Corporate Investment:

 Marta Antunez from Wayra opened these talks, explaining how they are placing themselves as a leader in the startup ecosystem, how they see innovation as a driving factor in the market, and how Unmanned Life fits their portfolio with an excellent team, market fit, and product approach. Christopher Robertson from TELUS Ventures then specified how TELUS is leading the way in investment for companies that are making a real change in global sustainability in supply chain practices, and how Unmanned Life is playing a role in the Canadian robotics ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships Enabling Commercial Success:

Moving on to the business side of things, Miguel Borja, Unmanned Drone System lead at Telefonica Security, described how Telefonica and Unmanned Life are going to market together to provide an end-to-end solution for customers, and how we have already seen success with multi-national customers around Europe. Miguel Angel Vilarino from AWS then gave a powerful speech about the scalability of missions through edge computing and the AWS product family making this a reality. He then described how we are pioneering this through our latest project alongside Telenet in the Port of Antwerp.

Official Product Launch:

The spotlight was then on the star of the evening - U-Security, our end-to-end autonomous drone surveillance product. From the event in Barcelona, our Co-Founder and VP Jorge Munoz, remotely launched an autonomous mission, with the drone in Cerdanya Spain. The drone flew a fully autonomous mission, with several features demonstrated to the audience in real-time, including switching to thermal imaging, gimbal camera control, snapshots, zoom, and of course safely landing and charging on the docking station.

Thanks to Unmanned Life’s unique network approach, the drone was autonomously operating over the mobile network, and viewers could see the high-quality video stream in real-time via the interface shown at the event.

With features like swarm functionality, AI detection, modularity, and network interoperability, the product enables seamless management of a team of drones and empowers end-customers without uprooting existing processes. U-Security's hardware-agnostic approach has also allowed us to use state-of-the-art sensors and imaging technology to deliver real-time monitoring and exceptional accuracy in a variety of industries. From enhancing situational awareness to detecting intrusions and rapidly identifying thermal anomalies, U-Security sets new industry standards.

A Break to Remember?:

The drinks break that followed didn’t stop Unmanned Life in full flow! Dominic Morris, Business officer, presented a series of drone-based use cases for the audience to see in the office, from inventory management to small-scale security. The partners were able to see themselves highlighted on the interface thanks to our security-based AI for person detection, giving some interactivity to the demonstrations.

Regulation and Federations:

The event continued with a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of regulations and federations in the drone industry. Marc Beltran, CEO and Co-Founder of EU Drone Port, shared insights on why we shouldn't fear permits and certifications, emphasizing the importance of navigating regulatory frameworks effectively, while Faisal Zia, Technical Director of GSMA, shed light on the Open Gateways initiative and the impact of shared APIs in the drone security space, as well as the groundbreaking work GSMA have done in bringing MNOs onboard.

Unmanned Life’s Vision:

One powerful slide was enough to describe Unmanned Life’s roadmap to the future, with Nicholas Zylberglajt presenting the shared vision of the company with partners.

The tangibility of this vision was then backed up with the last demonstration of the day, an orchestrated, autonomous piece between three robots from different vendors. Idan Dagon, Marketing Business Manager, talked us through the interactive experience with orchestrated robotics, including drones, AMRs, and Robotics Arms from different vendors working as a collaborative workforce. They witnessed the seamless coordination and advanced capabilities of the fleet in real-time, further solidifying the power of our flexible technology.

That’s a Wrap!:

The product launch event was a resounding success, propelling Unmanned Life to the forefront of autonomous security innovation. We are immensely proud to have showcased our U-Security product, demonstrated its capabilities, and fostered invaluable partnerships. This event marks just the beginning of our journey to revolutionize the security industry, and we are excited to embark on this transformative path with our esteemed partners, investors, and stakeholders. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue to push boundaries and pioneer the future of autonomous security.

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