Unmanned Life’s SOPRA Project and the Future of Autonomous Drones

Unmanned Life’s SOPRA Project and the Future of Autonomous Drones

In March 2022, Unmanned Life achieved a significant milestone by winning the ICEX Innova Invest Program with their groundbreaking SOPRA (Software de Orquestación de Plataforma Robótica y Autonomía) project. This achievement marked the beginning of an exciting journey towards innovation and development, powered by the support of ICEX Innova Invest fund.

The ICEX Innova Invest Program secured Unmanned Life funding for 18 months of dedicated research and development activities. Fast forward to today, and the project has reached its successful conclusion, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Unmanned Life’s technology.

What was achieved during this ambitious endeavour?

The team at Unmanned Life succeeded in producing a cutting-edge software platform that is intricately connected to two specific use cases: surveillance and solar panel inspection. This platform is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what drones can do and how they can be orchestrated and monitored.

In addition, Unmanned Life's innovation journey also included the implementation of innovative and complex functionalities within the platform. These functionalities are poised to revolutionise the way drones are used across various industries, opening up new possibilities and applications.

Perhaps one of the most significant outcomes of this project is the transition toward the concept of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Autonomy-as-a-Service (AaaS). This shift represents a fundamental change in how drone services are delivered, making them more accessible and flexible for businesses and organisations.

Thanks to the support of ICEX Innova Invest Program, Unmanned Life has unveiled its latest creation: the U-Security: an autonomous drone-in-a-box product. This pioneering product represents the culmination of their efforts and innovation. It is designed to address security challenges in a rapidly evolving world, providing advanced surveillance and monitoring capabilities.

The official launch of U-Security took place on July 13, 2023, during a grand event held at Unmanned Life's tech hub in Barcelona. This momentous occasion showcased not only the product but also the incredible journey that Unmanned Life has undertaken in the realm of autonomous drones.

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